Thursday, September 12, 2013

Just give me a moment....

Tonight a guy at Trader Joe's asked me how I was
(are they instructed to do that? is it in the "working at Trader Joe's manual"
or something? because they ALWAYS ask)
and I thought about it a moment and then said
"I'm tired" 
he looked up at me, laughed, thanked me for my honesty and then when I asked how 
he was doing, he responded with the same.
And then all of the sudden we were friends (:

But truly,
we are a very tired worn out pair over here lately.
I guess there's a lot of little reasons 
(heatwave, not sleeping because of said heatwave, 
stress from school, little stresses, etc)
but as a whole its just been a stressful tiring week.

So tonight we'll set the timer for an hour,
grab a root beer, put on Nat King Cole's "That's All",
sigh about stupid heatwaves and allergies,
and then when the timer goes off,
we'll get back to work.

Because sometimes we just need a moment
from the craze in order to keep going.

Just keep going and going and going (;


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