Thursday, November 28, 2013


Good morning,
Happy Thanksgiving.
I'm sitting here smelling the warm cinnamon rolls
on top of the oven just waiting for husband to wake and eat them
while I mull over pinterest and curate places I dream of visiting some day.
I am thinking over this past year and how incredibly painful and joyful it has been.
It seems like each year just increases in both pain and joy.
The pain becomes sharper and deeper, deeper than I ever thought it would go,
but the joy always matches and supersedes the pain in a gentle quiet way.
I don't mean this to be melancholy, really I don't,
but sometimes gratitude and thanksgiving is a bit melancholy isn't it?
I know that sounds odd and maybe I'm wrong,
but when we express gratitude for what is here and what we have
aren't we quietly aware of what isn't?
And doesn't that make thanksgiving all the sweeter?
Thanksgiving is an expression of gratitude, especially to God,
so says Webster's dictionary, and I know that most of the time
I think of gratitude as very joyful but maybe it isn't always.

The pilgrims had lost many many of their people in fact MOST of their people.
They had lost babies, husbands, wives, and friends, and at the end of that season
is when they decided to have a dinner of thanksgiving.
 I'm sure they were very aware of who and what wasn't there
as the celebrated and gave thanks for who and what was there.

This morning as I look over beautiful images and mentally
make a list of places to mention to husband to add to our dream travel list,
it is strangely calming to look over this past year
and the expected joys that never came and the unexpected joys
that bring such wonder and gratitude.

Today will be quiet for us.
We are both sick with colds and feel the need for rest and simplicity.
I will finish cooking and baking all sorts of yummy things,
then we will dress up and enjoy our meal together just us,
 then we will most likely change back into
our pajamas and watch Fiddle On The Roof
(husband has never seen it!!)

We are so grateful.
So very very grateful.
For God's excessive love and grace towards us
and this day set aside to quietly express our gratitude for Him.

Happy Thanksgiving

Lyss & Josh 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Time of Thanksgiving

Sometimes I look at the people I get to call friends and family
and am so humbled and astounded by what
 incredible people I am surrounded by.

This past weekend we got to see Charity and her adorable family
and also got to see some of the Szobody family.
We talked about EVERYTHING under the sun,
ranging from architecture to theology to latte art to food allergies,
and husband and I walked away feeling as if we had experienced Thanksgiving.

To eat lots and lots of good food,
have even more good conversation,
to laugh until we were crying,
 to be surrounded by people who love each other
and have that love spill out over us.

That visit will be a treasured memory 
and a hope for our future family for years to come.

And I got to meet Raphael the littlest Kizzee!
Somehow I didn't get a picture of him but he is just the cutest
cuddliest little gentleman you've ever met.


Monday, November 18, 2013

winter light

the winter brings such a lovely clear light.

Happy Monday! 

Friday, November 15, 2013

The end of fall beginning of winter is in full swing around here
& you can see the signs of it everywhere.
From the coat rack that was full of summer flowers & straw hats
only a few weeks ago that is now full of winter coats & scarves,
to holey socks being mended or replaced,
(we go through A LOT of socks around here :))
to light blazers that are now under our heavy wool coats
& how the home smells of cinnamon & vanilla.
I didn't get any pictures of it, because the sun set before I got home,
but we did get our first snow on Monday & it was just beautiful
& a bit frightening.
It didn't snow much but it surprised us with its frigid force
& it was a bit a startling reminder of where we live & what that entails.
We've so enjoyed preparing for this season
 & the joys it will bring as the cold blows in.
Holidays are just around the corner
& I'm getting so excited planning and preparing for them.
I've already made lists & lists of things to do & make & enjoy,
eeek! I so enjoy this season!


Monday, November 11, 2013

A Farewell To Fall

for the first snow came today and heralded in winter.


Friday, November 8, 2013

happy list

computer working 
sunny fall days
mornings off
homemade chicken pot pie
cinnamon sticks in morning coffee
sweaters and blazers
clean windows
marigold leaves everywhere
planning for the holidays
biscuits with molasses
sleepy chilly mornings

Technical Difficulties

The computer charger died.
Bought new charger.
Computer battery almost dead.
Decision on whether to buy new battery pending.
Iphoto on the fritz.
Solution to iphoto problem pending.
We will resume posting shortly,

we hope.