Friday, November 30, 2012

We stayed in a hotel to break up the drive home
and goodness I forgot how wonderful and rich staying in a hotel feels.
I just felt so "posh" the whole time,
even when I realized I didn't have any clean clothes
and so borrowed one of Husband's shirts.

Very rocker chic "posh" (:

Aren't their carpets just beautiful?


Thursday, November 29, 2012

And this is where I feel my "city-ness" showing...

I could not get over the spanning beauty of TN! 
 I'm pretty sure I said at least 50 times how much
I'd like to live out in the county someday (:

Mom and I went on a little walk while we were there
and I so enjoyed the time with her and the beauty surrounding us.
We even met a happy little friend (:


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Google still won't let me post anything new....

so here's some posts I wrote awhile ago (:

"It will come sometime. Some beautiful morning she will just wake up and find it is Tomorrow. Not Today but Tomorrow. And Then things will happen... wonderful things."
~Anne with an e

Lately I've found myself nostalgic for the "first" days of us.
After we had become The Burkhardts and started the adventure there of.
Days full of learning and settling.
Learning how to kiss, argue without the neighbors hearing, convey something in public 
without using words, and what we wanted "us" to mean.
You know, normal newly wed stuff (;

I remember reveling in the joy of doing dishes, washing the laundry, cleaning, and cooking dinner in
OUR home and the exhilaration of knowing that when Josh would 
come home from work he would be coming home to ME!

And I knew that that initial excitement may wear off, but I loved it nontheless.

And I still love it (:
Not so much the dishes part,
but my stomach still does a flip flop when I hear Husband coming in the door
and joy wells up in the pit of my stomach and flows upwards until I have to catch my breath.

I'm so grateful for husband and for us.
I'm grateful for the ebbs and flows from the beginning days of us
until the end days of us in glory.



There was special urgency in going to see family this Thanksgiving as Papa
has not been doing well and we honestly weren't
sure how many more opportunities we would have to see him.
But as soon as we got to TN Papa told us that the doctors had called
him that morning and what we thought would shorten our time 
with Papa was actually fine.
God is so gracious to have given us such news the day before Thanksgiving!
We love you Papa and are so grateful we will
probably have you around 
for a good while (:

Monday, November 26, 2012

 We drove down to TN to spend Thanksgiving with Josh's grandparents
and Mom and Dad Burkhardt drove up from FL to join us.
Jon was already visiting so we just brought him down with us (:
 It was such fun spending time with everyone
and makes us wish Chicago wasn't quite so far.

Somehow I didn't get one picture of Grandma....
I think I'm still slightly intimidated by her.
Which is silly, 
but true.
Oh well.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Roadtrippers

I love going on roadtrips,
especially when they include 
 getting to see family (:
oh and that picture with the fog? That's how the 
road looked 75% of the trip.
One of the weirder roadtrip weather we've had....


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Just so you know....

Little miss E became a big sister to a little brother Wednesday afternoon.
Mommy and baby are doing great.
Mommy, Daddy, and miss E are all shocked its a boy (:
so much for those matching tutu's....

We're Baaaaaack!

As soon as we got home I started playing Christmas carols on the piano
and husband feel promtly asleep.
Take from that bit of information what you will (:

We loved seeing family and enjoying open spaces for a bit!
I have lots of pictures and silly little adventures to share
but at the moment Mr. Google tells me I can't post any more pictures.
"Too much! Too much!" He says to which I respond with a 
"Well you just wait to my Husband gets here!"
and so I'm just waiting for Husband to tell google whats what.....
until then,
I hope your Thanksgiving was full of loving reminders of who God is and what He's done!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

See ya!

we're off in the morning on our
way to Tennesse for a couple days.

If you think of us,
 pray for little traffic and only fun adventures please (:

We're so excited to see family and enjoy sunny
warm weather (70 degrees! What?!)

and we just really like roadtrips.

Be back soon!

The last colors of fall are falling away,
the sun sets in the middle of afternoon,
and grey of winter is becoming more and more prevalent.

I'm so grateful for this odd week of warmth and sunshine
and little bursts of color along our street.


Monday, November 19, 2012

We took tried to take Jon to see the Festival of Lights Parade but got stuck
in the crowd instead, and missed most of it.


But we decided that Ghirardelli hot chocolate would make up for it,
and contrary to Jon's awkward smile up there, he loved it (:

Sea Salt Caramel hot chocolate makes pretty much anything delightful,
even being crowded on all sides by waaaaaaaaay too many people.

Record breaking amount of people,
that's what happens when Jon Burkhardt comes to town! (;