Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring! Kinda sorta......

I have lots and lots of pics from Ireland and many lovely stories to tell,
its overwhelming me actually,
such a nice overwhelming (:
But today the sun came out and matched its beauty with warmth
and we found ourselves outside with seemingly the whole city
alive and enjoying stretching its limbs.
Neighbors we've passed quickly in the cold for months now
we spent long moments chatting with about travels,
goats milk, chamomile honey, and all types of other random
things that make neighborly conversations such good ones.

So so happy you're here,
random warm spring day.
 You're so hopeful and lovely.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dear Little One// Week 14

Dear Little One,
This week is a BIG week! For this week, we are going to FL
and all of your uncles, your aunt, grandmas, grandpas, great grandmas,
great grandpas, and your great great grandma 
will come to know and celebrate that you are here!
They will be so very happy, for the very thought of you 
has brought great joy for years, so the knowledge of you will bring even great joy.
We took some picture of you and I to send to the family,
and while you look much bigger in the picture than you do in person,
it is so sweet to me to see you emerging and making yourself known.
Oh I am so excited to show you FL and tell everyone about you!
This is going to be so fun!


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dear Little One// 13 Weeks

(you're in Ireland little one!)

Dear Little One,
Well it turns out lots and LOTS and babies will be coming
about the same time you do.
Every time we check Facebook there's a new
announcement for "a special new arrival in September" 
so you're going to have lots of playmates near and far (:

You've been such a trooper on this trip,
I am so proud of you!
We had a scary bit on the plane ride over to Ireland
but we're pretty sure that was due to me not drinking
enough water, so I'm really sorry about that little one.
It was quite a long flight for you and I
and I'm glad we made it joyfully through (:
Ireland is just beautiful
and I'm so happy we get to share this special adventure
with you. My 'wee' irish baby (:

I love you so very much Little One.


Monday, March 17, 2014

A room with a view



 Ronan's Cottage

 We had planned on exploring Dublin,
but we were all quite worn from the flight and the streets were already
filled with people celebrating at 7 in the morning.
So we decided some tea and the road was the best thing for us (:
We enjoyed Dublin from the warmth and solitude of our car
and made our way to our first home of the week in Kinvarra.
We are already so in love with Ireland and its people.
So warm and friendly and such a love of color!
Only a day here and I am already beginning to adjust
 to seeing green beauty everywhere.
Such a difference from Chicago at the moment (:

P.S. All the good pictures I swiped from April (;
P.S.S. Because he wants proper credit, you must know
that Josh took the picture of me in black and white.