Friday, August 31, 2012

Little Miss E

 is not a fan of breakfast but loves the Butterfly museum.

I'm only me with I'm with you

(an old favorite from years ago)

It has been a very full week for us Burkhardt's.

Lovely, but full.

Yesterday was exceptionally full for me as I had an early and long day with little E and then a function I was partially in charge of last night.
I was tense and up tight all day with all the little things I needed to remember.
And as I got up to speak at the said function I looked around for Husband (who was unable to come because of work) to anchor myself.
Well, obviously I couldn't find him and when I remembered he wasn't there I cried a little inside.

Don't worry, I spoke fine (:
But I felt a little weird and off kilter all evening without him.

Until he surprised me later.

Silly man (:

Monday, August 27, 2012

...and everything was quiet and beautiful

So remember that 48 hours of freedom I mentioned awhile ago? 
It was actually only 24,
but it was lovely.
We found a little rural campground fairly close to Chicago
(think no running water or bathrooms)
and spent the night sleeping in the Jeep with the back open and the breeze wafting through.

The perfect initiation for our little Jeep (:


Hello and Goodbye

(picture from last year)

Hello school days and lots of new learnings, Good bye leisurely pace of summer days
Hello adventurous Jeep, Good bye gas saving Corolla
Hello (soon?) crisp fall weather, Good bye sunshine days
Hello days of productivity and books, books, books, Good bye evenings filled with spontaneous little adventures and random sweet conversations
Hello cool museums, Good bye movies in the park
Hello sweaters and tweed blazers, Good bye tan lines


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Life Lately...

has been filled with tan lines, birthday celebrations, sweet surprises, little friends, and impending summers end in the form of rainy days.

oh yeah, and we're jeepsters now (:


Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Sorry the posting has been light lately. Work has been much and sleep has been little. But we have unexpectedly found ourselves with 48 hours free and we're seizing the moments (:
 see you later!


Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Weekend!

We're off to watch some of the air and water show, get some things done around the home, maybe go to the vintage bazaar, and hopefully a couple picnics in between (:

hope your weekend is grand!


I think we've found a sport we like

 A friend from back in FL contacted us saying he was in town and what did we think about going to a Cubs game with him?

There was no need to ask (:

It was so fun!! This was our first baseball game (It's true, I know, we're lame) and we thought it was AMAZING.
The fan spirit, the ooooOOOOOHhhhhooooo each time our team was maybe going to score, and the hot dogs.

So good.

Although we left at 7th inning after we scored our first point (we were under by 14)
we enjoyed every minute.

It was so good to see someone from FL as well. To hear about friends and family and whats going on in the lives of people we care for.
We are so blessed that near and far we are surrounded dear friends.


Monday, August 13, 2012

Little Letters

Dear Rain,
You are so lovely. I only wish I would be more appropriately dressed when you come....

Dear Weather App,
Um partly cloudy with a slight chance of rain? It rained ALL day.
You're fired.

Dear Secrets,
You are so much fun.

Dear Sewing Machine,
Yay! You're back! I have a pretty little pile of things for us to refashion. So excited.

Dear Sears,
Thank you for fixing my dear sewing machine and not being angry with me when I took awhile to come pick it up. Sorry about that.

Dear Red Shoes,
I like you a lot, but apparently you don't like 5+ mile walks. And now I can't wear shoes with backs for awhile....

Dear Husband,
This new tradition of reading out loud before we go to bed? love.

Dear Bed,
You. Are. Wonderful.
I think I'll come enjoy your sweet softness right now.....


Friday, August 10, 2012

Birthday Celebrations Part II

 after a perfect in every way afternoon Husband took me home and we got dressed up and then we trekked out in the rain to our sushi place.

So good.....

and then we came home to watch a chick flick and eat a cupcake (:

Definitely the best birthday I've had yet! 
I think year 23 is going to rock.