Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dear Little One // 36.5 weeks

Dear Little One,
We're here, at the end, the last days.
(well weeks actually but days seem easier so that's what we'll go with ;))
You surprised me by celebrating the morning of 36 weeks with a couple hours
of practice labor. That was intense and really really neat!
To feel my body contracting and preparing was so wonderful and quite incredible.
You practiced some more late that night/early the next morning and 
I wondered if that meant you were coming in the next couple days.
But no, a couple days have gone by and you seem quite content (:
This is such an interesting time.
The end of anything is kind of awkward, a suspension 
between an ending and a beginning, simultaneously somber and delightful.
I'm finding us to be no different.
And it shows in the varying looks we receive while out and about!
Ranging from a motherly/fatherly joy from older people to looks of pity 
from young parents to looks of alarm and fear from bus drivers and young people alike (;
I hear words of encouragement such as what a sweet fleeting time this is
and then also words of survival,
"just keep going!"
"You're almost there mama!"
I cherish it all (:
For it is all true.
This IS such a sweet sweet time for us my dear Little One,
a beautiful time sprinkled with deep aching tired and general end of pregnancy discomforts, 
and a constant vacillating between enjoying you here inside my womb and 
longing for you to be here in my arms.
We are so eager and ready to meet you my sweet ninja.
I will forever hold this time of us fondly in my heart 
and will enjoy these last weeks in every way.
I love you Little One.


Friday, August 22, 2014

Dear Little One // 35 weeks

 Dear Little One,
Trace Adkins' "You're gonna miss this" keeps running through my head.
As I count how many onesies we have just one more time.
As we walk in the mornings and I wonder how many more times I'll walk
with you in my belly before I'm walking with you in my arms.
As I try to figure out an appropriate response to the silly remarks men make in regard 
to how soon you're coming. As elderly ladies tentatively ask if they can feel you
and exclaim "my goodness! That is ALL baby!". 
As I look at my closet and wonder what will continue to stretch over you
and what you'll let me wear without punching the waistline all day long.
As I roll over in bed and feel you roll and tumble too.
As you do your little bum wiggle thing and I wonder for the thousandth
time what that's going to look like when you're out here.
I'm not sure if its because you're coming soon or because I'm aware
of the fragility of of fertility and that this may be the only time I carry a child within me,
but each passing day you continue to grow and live inside me I cherish deeply.
But I am also so very excited to meet you out HERE.
As I feel you move with frustration and get the hiccups again,
I think about how much you will enjoy being out here.
How you will love cuddling with your Papa,
the feel and smell of the autumn breeze on your skin,
and how you will be able to move and ninja chop to your hearts content
which will surely help those hiccups (;

I love you so very much my sweet boy
and I am just so happy that you're here
and very nearly, almost, truly HERE.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

this guy....

 loves selfies and I think it might be my fault.

I love my job.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Dear LIttle One // 34 weeks

Sweet Little One,
We're having so much fun (:
You are nearly constantly playing and poking your bony little bum
out for me to pat or play tag with.
And you just LOVE when your Papa lays his arm across
me and you kick and kick as hard as you can until you kick
it off and then wiggle until he puts it back on and the game begins again.
Still not much sleep going on over here,
you prefer to play with either me or your Papa all night
and while we're tired we also think its pretty cute.
And we have wipes!!
Lots and lots of wipes!
I was just giddy when they came in the mail,
I now feel ready for you (;
We're so enjoying and cherishing these last
days (weeks....) of carrying you inside of me
and feeling you getting bigger and stronger by the day.

Happy 34 weeks little man (:


P.S. So what's with you loving those pink wintergreen mints huh?
Seriously, EVERYDAY you want more.
What is with that??
You know carrots give you laser eyes right?
Why don't we crave some of those..... 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Today I'm extra grateful for

~A fridge full of strawberries, cucumbers, lettuce,
carrots, peppers, and all sorts of other summer produce

~Little miracles on the bus.
Like watching a lady get on and not being able to pay
and without asking several people got up and 
gave money until she was paid for.
And the bus driver wasn't even going to charge her.

~All natural remedies

~The iPhoto screen saver.
We could watch it for hours.

~Birthday wishes that stretch over days
because the mail and my phone is stupid sometimes

~Early afternoons off work that mean we're 
going to our spot to watch sailboats and daydream

~Feeling Little One play and trying to figure
out what body part of his I'm playing tag with
(its usually his bum :))

~Beautiful buildings

~Happy mail days

~Cupcake ATM's

~L.M. Montgomery

Always and forever.

Happy Wednesday,


Monday, August 11, 2014


All I wanted was some sushi and a cupcake
and maybe some photobooth pictures....
and instead I was spoiled with words of love from everyone
I care for and all my favorite things for days on end.
I'm STILL getting birthday messages and gifts!
It started when I walked into work on Friday to find
so many gifts from my nanny family.
It was the sweetest thing.
The boys helped me open all of them with the cutest commentary
of why they bought what AND they bought gifts for Little One too.
I am so overwhelmed by how that sweet family loves me sometimes.

Husband filled Saturday with lovely meanderings, lots of slow walks,
 so much good food, several naps (he know me so well ;))
and the surprise of some new records I've been eyeing for awhile now.
Earlier in the week he gave me a whole wad of cash and told
me to spend it in my birthday week however I wanted,
which should include some coffee, getting a pedicure, and several thrift store trips
where he would not judge me for how many baby onesies I bought (:

24 was my favorite year yet.
God brought so much joy and healing in this past year
and while I know 25 will probably be even better
(I mean, hello baby!)
its kind of hard to imagine.
I am so so grateful for this past year
and the people that God brought in it that made
it so very sweet and beautiful.

This birthday was my very favorite yet.
From the words of love, to Little One moving so much 
and giving me his own little birthday wishes,
to Husband looking at me with "the" eyes
and knowing we've never been happier,
I am so humbled by the life God has given me.

Even if the photobooth was broken....
typical Burkhardt story right? (;

Friday, August 8, 2014

Dear Little One// 33 weeks

Dear Little One,
This week has been SO much better!
You dropped about halfway through the week and 
suddenly you seemed to have much more room.
No more getting stuck in my ribs and much happier movements (:
We also were looking at my new prenatal vitamins to make 
sure you and I were getting enough magnesium
only to find that there was dairy in them.
Sorry about that buddy,
no wonder we were having a hard time.
We both seem to be on the mend,
and while we're still not really sleeping,
the sleep we are getting is much much better.

We're crossing the last bit of things off our list in preparation for you!
But your Papa wants you to know that does NOT mean you can come just yet,
you need to wait until September comes Little One and then you can come.
The boys and I have been saying for months now that
"when the leaves turn color and the winds blow cold then Little One will come"
and it is just thrilling to think that that time isn't far off (: