Wednesday, October 31, 2012


It seemed like September would never come and then next thing I 
know October is almost gone!
Everywhere I look trees are almost bare and the color is slowing seeping away as the
cold blows in and settles in our bones.

I've been waiting to pull out my winter coat in denial of the coming frigid cold as 
each morning when I get dressed I find myself reaching for my thickest sweaters.

Oh boy oh boy, I am not ready for months of frigid winds and sunless days.

But I am definitely enjoying how much more delightful coffee is when its cold outside,
the feeling of warmth when I first walk in the door, and how cozy it is sitting
under blankets with husband while he studies. 
Maybe I'll learn to like this whole endless winter thing after all (;

Oh yeah,
Happy Reformation Day!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

5 Loads of laundry
4 clean rooms
3 To do lists made
2 hour nap
1 happy girl

I love days at home.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dear Husband,

Between work and school I really haven't seen you since Wednesdsay.
This is so not cool.
Pleeeeeease come home soon?

Your Wife Who's Watched Too Many Romances Today and Really REALLY Misses You

I often forget to document the beauty of our transit life,
honestly because we're usually hurrying (:
Hurrying to get to work, hurrying to get home, hurrying to escape the cold,
or we're together and deep in conversation about theology
or my little E's antics of the day.

But our daily journey from here to there is truly beautiful
and I don't want to miss the sweet moments of the supposedly 
in between in the rush to get


P.S. I love this city. 

I've had a minor stomach bug the past couple days 
so today while Josh had CPR class all day I stayed home
enjoying the beauty my little window displays, drinking my weight in tea,
and watching old favorites like You've Got Mail and Casablanca.
Although that was kinda silly because it made me all sappy...
and being sick AND sappy when Husband isn't here just makes me cranky (:

Hope your weekend is lovely!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I slept VERY little friday night (3 hours! What the heck body?!)
and so woke up feeling very crummy Saturday morning.
Usually I go out exploring by myself Saturday mornings so Husband can have
some time to study without me asking him something or other every 5 minutes,
but this morning he came along with me on my adventurings
and it was such a delight.

Our little adventures for this weekend included
~Visiting a friend's yard sale and being talked out of buying almost anything
~Grocery shopping 
~Watching Its The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (well..... I watched. Husband slept)
~Thrifting for a working clock only to find our favorite thrift store had been demolished....
~Biking to church and then through alleys looking for treasure. 
  Josh found nike tennis shoes, I found men's self tanner. We took the shoes and left the tanner.
~Coffee cupping for the first time. VERY cool.
~and discussing how to better love and serve our community with many dear friends over good food.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Weekend!

We'll be over here eating apples and watching 
The Great Pumpkin while snuggled under blankets.

Oh yeah, and studying for big tests and grocery shopping....

Happy Weekend


 and a bit lot of rain

Although I began to feel a little silly in my determination to get a pumpkin
when the tractor driver jokingly offered to pay me NOT to go out into the pouring rain....
(after asking who was the person who wanted go out in this and everyone pointed at me)
but it was just perfect when the moment we pulled up to the pumpkin patch
 the rain eased off and then stopped completely.

As we trudged through the mud to find our perfect pumpkins, 
I watched my guys picking up pumpkins here and there 
to hold them up high in the air and ask my opinion of their choice, 
I didn't think my heart could be any fuller.
 I so delight in and love these guys of mine and I deeply appreciated
their love towards me in following me out into the pouring rain in
the hopes of an adventure and a pumpkin.

God so richly blessed our day out in the orchard and 
it will be a sweet and precious memory for many years to come.

Even if it was a little cold and we were all a little wet (;


Thursday, October 18, 2012

When the family came to the city and lots of adventures were had

So many memories made!
From buses that weren't where they were supposed to be, lots of laughs over Chicago style food (especially when the waitress thought Josh was your son and I was the girlfriend!)
picking apples in the cold rain, sweet conversations while walking all over the city,
to Eric getting compliments on his fuzzy hat wherever we went, 

it was wonderful.

Although I wish it didn't include the not so fun parts like Mama twisting her ankle and me almost making you miss your flight.......

Ahhh, memories. 


P.S. Dear Family, please come back soon, okay? 
Belmont ave just isn't the same without you being there.