Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dear Little One // 27 weeks

Dear Little One,
I have yearned and longed to be a "Mama" for so very long
and I hoped beyond hope that some of our children
I would get to carry and watch grow in my being.
I have so enjoyed and cherished each moment so far with you
and as we enter our 3rd trimester together
and the days till your coming grow shorter and shorter
I just wanted to make sure and tell you that.
We have celebrated each little mile marker of your time here,
from when you started showing, to the first time I and then Papa could feel you moving,
 to the first time a stranger commented on you,
we have simply loved acknowledging and celebrating you.
People keep asking what your name is and we respond with telling them
we won't really know until we meet you.
Sometimes it strikes me as so odd that you,
 my sweet little one,
who are such a joy to our days,
we haven't even truly met yet.

We cannot wait for that day.
When you decide that it is time to come out
and your Papa holds you for the first time
and we present you to the world.

It will be the very best of days.

Till then we will tentatively count down the days
and long for your coming (:

Happy 3rd Trimester!


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Dear Little One// 26 weeks

Dear Little One,
This has been a rough week for us.
Between being pretty sick and battling dehydration
which brought lots of sleepless nights walking and breathing off braxton hicks,
I feel like you and I are taking quite the proverbial beating this week.
But the moments when I was most concerned for your well being
I would feel you move ever so gently and I would yet again 
thank and praise God that you are healthy and well.
You are such a trooper my sweet boy.


P.S. Several strangers have commented that you look like a girl,
you ARE a boy right? 
I guess we'll find out soon enough (;

Sunday, June 15, 2014

celebrations and weekend things

Farmers markets, super hero crews, an evening with our favorite little boys,
 undergrad classes finished, and a first (kinda....) Father's Day.
Little one and I have the grossest of colds so the celebrations have been little affairs,
but we're just tickled to be celebrating these sweet achievements and milestones.
The little moments of acknowledging gratitude for where God has us
and what He has brought us here to do are so sweet to us.
We are so so blessed.

So until further notice we'll be in bed with the sniffles 
doing this

and watching Little One karate chop his way across my belly.
It really is the weirdest/coolest thing!
Now if only he would perform when the camera is out.....

Friday, June 13, 2014

Guess what?!?

This guy just finished his LAST undergrad class!!
Just 2 more semesters and this dude will graduate
with a Masters!
AND be a Papa.
The model of achievement this one is (;

And now let the summer season begin!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dear Little One// 25 weeks

Dear Little One,
I know I'm becoming redundant,
but you are getting SO big!!
Your major growth spurts seemed to be every couple weeks
or so but the past two weeks you have been growing non stop and it shows (:
You and I have a cold this week and I am feeling quite under the weather
but I'm having so much fun waking up to your ninja antics
and watching you cascade across my belly.
I love you so much my little man,
I'm so happy you're already my cuddle buddy.
Let's kick this cold so I can introduce you to more of summer in the city.
You're going to love it.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dear Little One// 24 weeks

Dear Little One,
We're getting bigger, you and I,
we're definitely not undercover anymore (;
Our midwife says you're growing wonderfully and
that we should go ahead and register for your delivery,
I can't believe its time for that already!
These 6 months with you have just flown by
and I feel like the next few more will go even faster!
It is rather bittersweet to me how fast this season is going by,
because I am so very eager to hold you in my arms
but am also cherishing this sweet time 
of carrying you in my being.
Even when that means midnight playtime sessions and 
waking up at 4 am to you ninja-ing away in there (:
So happy 6 months dearest little one.