Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I've been thinking a lot about those newborn days.
Maybe because my baby is a wiggling, curious, constantly loving
crazy blur that I can't believe is still considered a "baby"
compared to the tiny thing we brought home from the hospital.
Maybe because this sweet baby boy of mine is growing and learning
so fast I feel as if I can visibly see it happening each moment of the day.
Maybe because my body aches from sweet boy's strong wiggles and squirms
and reminds me of the last days of pregnancy and the first days and weeks 
of life with Jedidiah, when I was vaguely aware of the tenderness
of my worn body but the joy of his presence overwhelmed any other sense.
Maybe I've been thinking about the first days because 
I am so keenly aware of how we are shifting into a different season.
Maybe because I'm watching my baby become a boy before my eyes.
When he grabs my cheek to "kiss" me, when he calls for me, 
for me to cuddle or soothe or simply to see my face in which he seems to delight so much.
This bright blue eyed little being who has a special smile just for me,
who saves his kisses just for me,
and wants to talk to me all about everything all day.
My baby who's just a breathe away from walking, from exploring with me 
to inviting me on his adventures, and to adventuring on his own.

And then 
(true story)
Jedidiah has a huge blowout in my lap
as I'm typing this and I think 
"eh, these baby days aren't going THAT fast"

So here's to enjoying the days we're given,
poop and snuggles and all (;


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