Thursday, January 29, 2015

Jedidiah // 4 1/2 months

He's had so many sweet firsts the past month and a half.
His first belly laugh, calling me "Mama", first Christmas,
first roadtrip, meeting grandparents and great grandparents,
and first tooth! (still working on that one)

He's become so attentive to the people around him,
listening and reacting when someone is speaking
and charming everyone he meets (;

As I've said before, this kid LOVES to move!
Especially in the Johnny Jumper that Papa made him for Christmas.
We have so much fun watching him jump, twirl, and walk then swing himself.
He's alllllmost sitting by himself and enjoys standing with help from Josh or I.

And the chatter! 
Sweet boy chatters with me all. day. long.
He especially enjoys what seems to be telling stories,
usually right after we've been out adventuring.
He's so passionate and intense.
Its really cute (:

I know I say this every month,
but days with this boy just get sweeter and sweeter.
We love him so very much.

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